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1st Session + in take fee( 1500+300) = 1800
Follow up session 1500/session
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Invented and refined in Japan, Yurashi Gentle Touch Therapy has been reborn as a whole new and more effective with the cooperation of German doctors and research institutes.
Practice and verification have begun around the world as a "nextgeneration approach to pain management."

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Providing them with the information and tools needed to prevent the recurrence of the pain.

Hello, I am Chaichan Pluksaranun from Yurashi Gentle Touch Therapy – Bangkok.
We opened our first Yurashi-Bangkok on Ruamrudee road back in 2010, which was also the first international branch outside Japan. Due to client demands, we moved to Sukhumvit soi 24, an area populated with international communities. Ever since then we have been at this location for 10 years and have become ever more international. We have clients from neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia and also from Europe, North America, and Middle East. Although the place is small and is run only by myself, I have had the opportunity to improve and progress through word of mouth and recommendations.

My wife, who is from Japan, and I have both been practicing Taiji Chuan, a Chinese martial art for years. Twenty years ago, due to my wife’s weak body condition, hospitalization was a norm for her. However, ever since we started practicing Taiji Chuan, remarkably her trips to the hospital were no longer necessary. This was the first time I first handedly witnessed the power and the possibility for our bodies to heal using natural methods. With this interest and due to great timing, I encountered Yurashi Gentle Touch Therapy. When I saw my mother, who suffered from stroke, able to walk again after two treatments of Yurashi Therapy, I made the decision to quit my job to learn the therapy, as it was and still is strongly my belief that it can help many others.

Currently, I treat those from the age of 0 up until 92 with various different symptoms. Examples are those whose symptoms worsened by aggressive treatments, massages, reliance on large amounts of medications, those who suffer from the after-effects of accident or surgery, those who have damaged their body through incorrect postures and movements, and also those who suffer from chronic pain. I feel that for clients to recover fully is to first relieve them from their pain, then to ask them to gradually eliminate unnecessary medications and use of braces/ supporters. Finally, providing them with the information and tools needed to prevent the recurrence of the pain. By knowing our own body and use it correctly, I believe each one of us will be able to take care and recover with body natural healing power.

With the approval from the head quarter, we have also started a course called Family Care, which teaches the basic of Yurashi Gentle Touch Therapy for self-care for family and friends.

Yurashi Gentle Touch Therapy – Bangkok

Chaichan Pluksaranun


10A White Mansion, Soi Mathinivat, Sukhumvit 24, Bangkok 10110
7mins walk from BTS Phromphong Station

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Open Hour: Mon-Thur (09:00-18:30) Sat-Sun(10:00-18:00)

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